In today’s competitive world, I believe, it’s essential for businesses to embrace a set of guiding principles that define their culture, values, and actions. These principles attempt to serve as a compass, guide decision-making, and foster a unified customer-centric approach. The five guiding principles that Team Harris Stolper goes about customer experience are – Start with the customer, Embrace a sense of urgency, Act with intent, Challenge the status quo, and Win as one team. We believe these principles form the foundation for achieving success and sustaining growth within our organization.

Start with the Customer: Customers are the heartbeat of our business. By aligning the customer at the forefront of every decision, Harris-Stolper ensures that our products, services, and experiences align with each customer’s unique needs and expectations. This involves actively listening to customers, gathering feedback, and leveraging data to understand the customer’s pain points and desires. By empathizing with customers and consistently striving to exceed their expectations, we hope to build long-term relationships, loyalty, and advocacy.

Sense of Urgency: In a rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations must cultivate a sense of urgency. This principle emphasizes the need to move swiftly, adapt to change, and seize opportunities. It encourages Harris-Stolper’s team members to prioritize tasks efficiently, eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, and overcome obstacles to achieve desired outcomes. A sense of urgency fosters innovation, responsiveness, and agility, enabling businesses to stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging trends.

Act with Intent: Simply put, aligning actions and decisions with a clear purpose and desired outcome. It involves thoughtful planning, prioritization, and execution. This principle encourages Harris-Stolper’s team members to be intentional with work, considering the broader impact of their actions and ensuring that their efforts contribute to the overall organizational goals. By acting with intent, individuals and teams can focus their energy on high-impact initiatives and drive meaningful results.

Challenging the Status-quo: For continuous improvement and innovation, Harris-Stolper aims to foster a culture of curiosity and critical thinking. This principle encourages every team member to question existing processes, assumptions, and norms. By challenging the status quo, we collectively attempt to identify inefficiencies, explore new possibilities, and drive positive change. Questioning everything promotes a growth mindset, encourages learning, and ensures that decisions are based on informed insights rather than assumptions.

Win as One Team: Success in any organization is a collective effort. Harris-Stolper emphasizes the importance of collaboration, communication, and mutual support. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and teamwork, we leverage the diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences of our team members. Working together towards a shared vision enables teams to overcome challenges, innovate, and deliver exceptional results. When individuals unite and celebrate each other’s successes, the entire organization thrives.

By embracing these guiding principles, Harris-Stolper intends to establish a strong foundation for success. These principles foster a customer-centric mindset, drive efficiency and agility, and encourage innovation and collaboration. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing business landscape, these guiding principles help us stay focused, adapt quickly, and achieve sustainable growth. Team Harris Stolper is committed to living these principles every day and building a brighter future for our team and the customers we serve.