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Harris-Stolper has become known internationally for its expertise in designing and manufacturing protective cabs and enclosures for specialized applications.

Throughout North America, Europe, and Africa, Harris cabs provide operator protection on a wide range of heavy-duty equipment. They're used to transport raw materials and manufactured goods in the Construction, Forestry, Mining, and Railroad industries. Types of equipment fitted with Harris cabs include cranes, lift trucks used in handling transport containers in Australia, railroad maintenance vehicles in Africa, large mining machines in Russia and South America, ship unloaders in Israel, forestry vehicles in Western Canada, and many specialty transportation vehicles throughout North America.

Harris-Stolper builds custom cabs to provide safety for operators in unusual and potentially hazardous situations such as moving radioactive materials, molten metals, and chemicals.

The experience and skills that Harris-Stolper has gained over the years of designing and building industrial cabs are also applied to the custom fabrication of in-plant enclosures such as control rooms for protection against fumes, dust, or other pollutants as well as noise and extreme temperatures.

Do you have a unique project that requires a specialty operator cab? We'll work closely with your team, build your product to specification, and ensure deliveries are coordinated. Meeting your requirements to ensure a precise and trouble-free fit with your cab is our utmost priority.

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