Raingard ®

Stop the rain from stopping your lift trucks. The Harris Raingard® is the simple solution to the problem of having outdoor material handling hampered by rain and sun.

The Raingard® is the lift truck’s umbrella - a practical and economical way to protect forklift operators from rain or sun. It saves time and money because it keeps your lift trucks moving and your operators comfortable and productive. The Raingard® is custom manufactured to fit your lift truck easily and precisely, without drilling or welding. It consists of three steel panels fitted with safety glass. These panels are assembled and clamped to the truck’s overhead guard.


Every Harris Raingard® is conveniently
packaged in a sturdy cardboard box and secured to a wooden skid for shipping. Inside can be found mounting instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation.

Rugged Panels

The Raingard® consists of three heavy gauge steel panels fitted with tempered safety glass. The front panel is complete with a windshield wiper. The roof panel has a skylight glass fitted for upward visibility, and the rear panel is fitted with a large safety glass window with provision for the installation of an optional rear wiper. All panels are finished in black enamel paint.

Easy Installation

Your Raingard® is custom manufactured to fit your model of lift truck. It is easily and quickly attached to your lift truck’s overhead guard without drilling or welding. Simply bolt the panels together at the roof line and attach the lower clamps or cable ties around the bottom of the overhead guard. The completed Raingard® provides a functional, strong and safe accessory and further compliments the appearance of your lift truck.
NOTE: Guard integrity is also maintained, since no holes or welding have taken place on the F.O.P.S. (Falling Object Protective Structure) guard.

Add Vinyl Curtains

For added protection you can add vinyl side curtains to your Raingard®. These curtains simply slide in the specially formed channels of the roof panel and are attached to the side of the guard using the velcro kits supplied. Trimming is required. With side curtains your operator is fully enclosed for less than half the cost of an all metal cab.
Note: Lower rear vinyl curtains are available as an option on some Raingard® models.

Rear Wiper

A useful accessory for a busy lift truck is a wiper on the rear window. An optional, economical accessory available for most Raingards®. This can be ordered with your Raingard® or simply added later.


Harris-Stolper manufactures cabs for all major lift truck manufacturers. All cabs are designed with particular attention to safety and comfort. Harris-Stolper has many accessories designed to add comfort to the operator and increase the productivity of the vehicle. Choose from a variety of options. The Harris-Stolper Raingard® is the lift truck umbrella - a practical and economical way to protect the operator from the rain and sun. Harris-Stolper has become known internationally for its expertise in the design and manufacture of protective cabs and enclosures for specialized applications.