About Us

The name Harris first appeared on mobile equipment in the early sixties when Thomas Harris, a mining engineer, anticipated the coming need for protective operator enclosures in many agricultural and industrial applications. He formed Harris Engineering, with an original product line of cabs for front-end loaders, road graders and farm tractors.

Contributing to the company’s growth, a joint venture in 1982 between Thomas Harris Engineering and Stolper Industries (a leading cab manufacturer from Wisconsin, U.S.A.) was formed to produce cabs and protective structures for a major manufacturer of earth-moving equipment.

The Harris product line has grown considerably since then and now includes cabs for all makes and models of fork lift trucks as well as custom-engineered cabs and enclosures. 

Today our 40,000 square-foot facility in Brampton, Ontario houses a design and engineering facility supported by 3D CAD-CAM and a complete metal-fabrication department equipped with state-of-the-art precision machinery such as lasers and robotic welding machines.

Harris-Stolper has become known internationally for its expertise in the design and manufacture of protective cabs and enclosures for specialized applications. Harris-Stolper manufactures cabs for all major lift truck manufacturers. All cabs are designed with particular attention to safety and comfort. The Harris-Stolper Raingard® is the lift truck umbrella - a practical and economical way to protect the operator from the rain and sun. Harris-Stolper has many accessories designed to add comfort to the operator and increase the productivity of the vehicle. Choose from a variety of options.